20 Press Release Ideas Any Organization Can Use

Despite common calls for the death of the press release, every organization can benefit from the additional exposure a press release provides. While the format and distribution of press releases is changing, the need to stay in front of your key audiences will never change.

The most common issue we see among users is a lack of ideas on what to write about, so we put together a handful of topics to kickstart your press release efforts.

Easy press release ideas:

  1. New office or location
  2. New hire
  3. New product or service
  4. Business acquisition or sale
  5. Event your are hosting
  6. Open house or ribbon cutting
  7. Winning an award
  8. Upcoming media appearance
  9. Sponsoring a team
  10. Sponsoring a charity event
  11. Celebrating a milestone (e.g., 10th Year in Business)
  12. Starting a charitable foundation
  13. Supporting a local cause
  14. Launching a new website
  15. Customer success story
  16. New business partnership
  17. Speaking engagement
  18. Major client wins
  19. Public disclosures required by law
  20. Raising capital or securing an investment

Of course, the best place to keep all of your press releases is a simple well designed media room (or “press room”) linked to your website.