10 Things Every Media Room Needs

Every organization needs an online media room (or press room, if you prefer). A media room is an online hub to keep important media related information about your organization in one central location for journalists, reporters, bloggers, and others. We created a sample media room for a fictitious “Smith Foundation” here: http://sample.mymediaroom.com/

Keeping your media room organized with everything in one location is important. Oftentimes, journalists get lost trying to hunt down information or contacts for your organization on your main website.

Here are the top ten (10) things every media room should have:

  1. Press Releases
    News release, press release, social media press release, whatever you’d like to call it.
  2. Events
    If you’re hosting any events like a ribbon cutting, happy hour, create an event listing on your website and collect RSVPs (or link to an outside events page).
  3. Press Contacts
    Provide a simple listing with current contact information for your media contacts.
  4. Recent Press (News Articles)
    If you’ve had any recent publicity or coverage, share it! Link to those articles or included them if you have them available.
  5. Fact Sheet
    Create a simple and quick listing of important facts about your organization. Examples include: year founded, board of directors, important addresses, or any other important key pieces of information.
  6. Management Team
    Who’s on your team? List your founders, staff, directors, or whoever is involved in your organization — and don’t forget their headshot and bios!
  7. Awards
    If you’ve received any awards — list them. Provide photos, descriptions, and dates.
  8. Photos
    If you have them available, create a simple photo gallery the media can use on their website or for their stories or posts.
  9. Contact Form
    A simple contact form that allows anyone to write a quick message on your media room is a must.
  10. Blog
    If your organization doesn’t already have a blog, create a simple and quick one as part of your online media room.

MyMediaRoom lets you create your online media room in seconds. Give it a try at www.mymediaroom.com.